Friday, May 11, 2012

Oh No He Didn't .....

I know I'm about to be duped.  I don't even think my husband is trying very hard to hide it.  He's about to do something that he KNOWS I don't like. And I know he reads my blog, so here it is honey ....


Yes, while I am dog sitting downtown, I know that you are keeping a secret - that you have already hired Daniel's Tree Service to cut down the Bradford Pears by the deck.  Your son told me.  So let me tell you a little something about Daniel. He employs CHILDREN at the job site.  I can't take photos of it because they're minors, but there are two 2nd graders, rather solidly built, in the neighbor's yard using the leaf blower and driving the truck.  I'm pretty sure we still have child labor laws in this country.  So, that's on you, and I'm not bailing you out of jail for it.

Innocent trees awaiting execution
There is nothing wrong with those trees.  They provide shade and homes for the woodland creatures and a much needed buffer between us and our neighbor's bathroom window - I only need to see one moon at night. I don't care if they are damaging the roof or may fall on the house soon. They make me happy when I am sitting on the deck taking my naps.

I suppose you want me to take the high road, and admit that I am wrong about the trees. Well, that's not going to happen.  I already took the high road at Kroger when I let the old lady have the last bunch of unripe bananas.  She knew I saw them first, but gave me the "it's Senior Wednesday" look and so I had to silently withdraw my hand in defeat.

By the way, it's MOTHER'S DAY weekend!  That means I get my way on everything. Otherwise, it doesn't count.  It's the weekend when I receive heart-felt messages of thanks for being at home with the kids while earning a paycheck, for occasionally vacuuming and preparing edible meals, for reminding you of your mother's birthday, for keeping my idiosyncrasies to a dull roar, and for making sure the house and its occupants are humming at a healthy buzz.

Better to ask forgiveness than permission, huh?  Not all secrets are bad? Well, fine - two can play at that game. Because I may or may not have gotten a speeding ticket this week. So, go ahead and cut down those trees. We'll just move on and I will forgive you. 

Until next time, keep crowin' .... and did I mention I love you? :)

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