Monday, March 10, 2014

Expect the Unexpected

Opening the doors to the coffee cup cabinet, I say to my husband:  "Where are all the travel mugs?  I know you have them stockpiled at your office."
Husband: "I swear I don't have them. They should all be here. ..... Well, except for the one I had to pee in."


Listening to my daughter literally banging on the piano keys, I say to her: "You are going to send me into a seizure. Why don't you play something soothing instead?"
Daughter:  "Sure Mom. ..... I call this one 'Nightmare.'"


Showing my boss something that a co-worker had designed without our input, I say discreetly: "So, I just wanted to run this past you, and get your feedback.  It seems to be missing our branding and I think I need to update it a bit ..."
Boss: "What The F$%@?!!!!!  Oh HELL No."


Unexpected moments.  That's the stuff.  When you get a free shot of sunshine without having to work for it - it is just handed to you like a diamond tiara hidden in an unassuming box.

Where do you find joy?  One of my newest sources is holding my niece, and watching her sleep.  I can't soak her babyness in enough.  Another one is finding a warm spot on the deck and reading a good book. Or appreciating the irony of writing about bliss and then finding doggie nuggets on the rug.

I read a blog recently that said the keys to happiness were to look at the stars, practice gratitude, and learn to apologize.  That is very nice.  But I prefer "The Office" bloopers on YouTube, a glass of red wine, and at least two trips to the beach every year.

Plus, these unexpected moments.  Because sometimes, you can't order up happiness. It just finds you, and the trick is to invite it to stay as long as possible.

Until next time, keep crowin'!  And if you're sad, look at this:

How to handle an awkward wave situation.