Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hello 40's!  Nice to meet ya'.  Let's see what kind of trouble we can get into, shall we?

Exactly 40 years ago today (August 31), I came out backwards. I think that means something. And as I sit here and watch the last 20 minutes of my 30's wind down, I realize that birthdays aren't as bad as I thought.

Things could be worse.

For instance, tonight at my daughter's lacrosse practice, one of her coaches hobbled over to the parents on the sidelines in a boot cast.

Us:  "How did that happen?"
Him: "I got blowed up."
Us: "Come again?"
Him: (who I should mention is a member of the police SWAT team): "Well, we were trying to get the Chicken Man out of his house, and he set off a bomb, so I had to dive into the bushes and this is what happened."

I am very sorry to hear about the Chicken Man. I don't know why he blew up his house, or why the SWAT Team was called in, but this story intrigues me on many levels.  Number 1, I've always wanted to be a cop.  Number 2, I love chickens.  And Number 3, it did not happen on my birthday.

For you see, sometimes bad things have happened on my birthday.  Things I don't want to dwell on because they are in the past.  But I did think, at one point, that I was jinxed.

And now I know, whether it be the wisdom of age or the blessings of time, that I have not been jinxed, but granted abundant grace.  Being 40, to me, means that I have figured it all out.  I've got my family, my friends, my health (although I do have some twinges in my back and a weird mole) and a stability that has eluded me until this point in my life.

Today, my son and I were in the car together and he asked me what I was like as a kid.  I told him, "Honestly, I was quiet and shy and nerdy." 

He couldn't believe it, but you know what, it was the truth.  And I wouldn't change a thing.  Because today, I am confident, self-aware, and don't give too much of a sh*t what people think (unless they are mad at me, and then I'm sorry).

So here's to you 40!  Bring it on.  I double dog dare ya' - and you know I mean it.

Until next time, keep crowin' and blowin' out the candles!

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  1. You go girl! Age is just a number anyways!

    I didn't know about this chicken'll have to explain at the bus stop later!